Sociedad de Teoría y Técnicas de Microondas


Executive Committee | Term 2019/20


Jose Chavez

Vice Chair  

Felipe Leal


Francisco Rangel

Women in engineering

Edna Moreno

Young professionals

Andres Viveros


Chapter Meetings

Date Description
12/06/2015 MTT-S members elected the new Chapter Officers for Term 2015/16. Prof. Rayas presented organizational details of the 1st IEEE Latin American Microwave Conference (LAMC).
16/12/2015 The members discussed some aspects of LAMC-2016. It was discussed the venue, sponsorship, and costs.
13/01/2016 The LAMC-2016 industrial exhibition co-chairs had a first approach of the financial sponsorship schemes and the industrial exhibition.
31/03/2016 The LAMC-2016 organizational committee had a meeting with managers of leading industries to discuss the sponsorship scheme and the industrial exhibition.
19/04/2016 The LAMC-2016 organizational committee defined the final proposal of the financial sponsorship schemes and the industrial exhibition.
12-14/12/2016 The first IEEE MTT-S Latin America Microwave Conference (LAMC-2016)
24/07/2017 1st IEEE RF & µW Boot Camp Guadalajara


Founding Members

Petition and Foundation: May 2015

  • Jose R. Loo (Interim Chair)
  • José E. Rayas
  • Emmanuel Mercado Sotelo
  • Alfredo Gomez Pelayo
  • Maria S. Ruiz Palacios
  • Alberto Alcocer
  • Enrique Villa
  • Zabdiel Brito-Brito
  • Rafael del Rey Acuña
  • Jorge Luis Urbina-Martinez
  • Juan del Valle
  • Jose Rodrigo Camacho
  • Juan Antonio Ramirez
  • Juan Milton Garduño
  • Jose Luis Chavez-Hurtado



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