Webinar: A Review of Wireless Power and Application to Emerging Technologies in Medical Devices


The state-of-the-art of Wireless Power delivery methods is explained as one solution of energy harvesting to solve the shortcomings of battery usage. In the upcoming years, the operation of a trillion devices will require means to power devices without the need of batteries. Thus, alternative power sources need to emerge to enable future devices that will be hard to access once deployed in the field, i.e., implants in humans.

  • Introduction to Wireless Power Transfer.
  • Building blocks of WPT systems.
  • Tx-Rx Antennas.
  • Transmit Power Amplifier.
  • RF-DC Converter.
  • Wireless Power in Medical
  • Future of Wireless Power
  • Wireless Power in the Mangnetic Resonance system


Aasrith Ganti is a Ph.D candidate under Dr. Jenshan Lin at the University of Florida. Mr. Ganti graduated with his B.S in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2012 and with his M.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida in 2014. While getting his Master’s Degree Mr. Ganti focused his research on Wireless Power Transfer.


Abr 24 2019


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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